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Why am I became a makeup artist? It happened accidentally, I wanted to diversify my life and find a way out to my creative potential. I was choosing between different courses for a long time and I’ve chosen make-up courses at least.  

What do I like more? I like to work and it doesn’t matter what to create if it’s just beauty or some fashion image. Of course, when I work on commercial orders for a long time, I want to dream up and then take pictures where I can do something creative. 

What do I like most about teaching? To teach someone for me is a new direction in my work, but it gives me pleasure. It's nice to see how my students begin to perceive themselves differently and understand their own advantages and disadvantages, and with my help they become even more ideal. It's nice to realize that you can open a new horizon for a person. 


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What images do I want to try to create in the future? I would like to pay more attention to fashion industry, to work more on shows and fashion shootings. This gives me an opportunity to throw out my wild fantasy and as this is a team work (you are working together with a photographer, stylist, designer, model) it’s give me a chance to know many interesting, creative people. 

Which of my project was the most impressive for me?  Sometimes I work at concerts. This is a huge conveyor. You need to train a lot of people in a short period of time, you are getting exhausted, but you get a huge positive charge from communication and the atmosphere. I can’t mark a certain image, every shot is something special, each image is unique. Most of all I remember the photo with the psychic Natalia Banteyeva. This is a very interesting and extraordinary personality. The whole team listened to her as spellbound during the preparation for the shooting. She was a very simple and pleasant person. 

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My Creative plans for the near future.  I really want to work in Europe and America on Photo session and fashion weeks. This is a wonderful experience. I really want to try myself in making a make-up to artists. To my mind the film industry is a very special world. 

What are the fashion trends in makeup? What should you focus on? What colors will be relevant?  During for several consecutive seasons the main fashion trend is well-groomed eyebrows. Twisted eyebrows are no longer relevant. One of the other main trends is red lipstick, not only classic red, but also saturated dark shades (wine, burgundy, cherry, etc.). Also, pink color of lipstick will be very actual (up to neon bright shades). The main thing for choosing a bright lipstick is a smooth tone of the face. Well, everyone's favorite arrows stay favorites for the spring-summer season. In eye makeup, by the way, you can note 2 new trends: these are purple shades of shadows and shadows with metallic luster. 

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