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Services of a professional make-up artist in St. Petersburg
Services of a professional make-up artist in St. Petersburg
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Work experience more than 10 years. Including with stars of variety, cinema and other celebrities
Professional cosmetics and tools from the most famous brands
Rehearsal of the image before the event
Possibility of complex rendering of services. For example: bride + mother + bridesmaid
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If the date of the event is already known to you, please book it in advance by filling in the appropriate field
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It’s important because only professional can help you with making a new style which really suit you! In life of every woman there are some days when she should look especially attractive and without professional make-up and hairstyle it’s not too easy. With the help of professional make-up and hairstyle we can adjust facial features, hide skin defects, emphasize natural beauty. Only a professional make-up artist knows about the properties of textures and how they behave under the influence of studio light and flashes and what is needed for high-quality photo and video. After all, yours beautiful does not automatically mean photogenic! 

Remember that when you meet a person you pay attention at appearance at first. Make-up is an important part of the female image. So you should trust only a professional!